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Terms and Conditions

SmartPay Solutions is a trading title of SMART B2B Services Limited.

As an Inland Revenue Accredited Agent we have undertaken to provide the following services on behalf of our clients:

We shall prepare our clients' payroll from the information they provide, including:

  • The provision of payslips for employees and the Inland Revenue;
  • The calculating of statutory sick pay, maternity pay and paternity pay;
  • The completion of Annual Returns and Summaries (Forms P14, P35 and P60);
  • The issuing of P45s to employees leaving the client’s company;
  • The completion of P46s.

We will file online any (or all) of the above on behalf of he client and will ensure that the client obtains the benefit of any incentive payments for doing so.

What we require the client to do:

We require that the client provides us with all the relevant information we request of them. Information should be correct and provided promptly so that the client’s payroll can be processed without requiring any revisions.

Additional and Optional Services

Should the client wish, we can assist with the following*:

  • The completion of the Annual Benefits-in-Kind Returns for Directors and Employees (P11Ds, P11D(B)s and P9Ds);
  • The assisting in the resolution of Inland Revenue PAYE disputes;
  • The advising of clients with regard to employment issues e.g. redundancy entitlements;
  • The drafting of Contracts of Employment.

* a separate charge may be made

Note: Certain work will not be included in our standard charges and additional fees may be required. For example, the resolution of enquiries into PAYE Coding Notices or unpaid balances of PAYE; work involving third parties (e.g. implementing CSA); Court Orders involving deductions from wages etc.

Duration of Contract

We shall provide the client with a quotation to undertake the client’s payroll for the Tax Year to 5th April or for a part of the Tax Year up a given date. We shall consider the contract as continuing year-to-year until such time as the client advises us otherwise.

The client should provide us with 30 days notice of termination at any time during the Tax Year. All services will be undertaken up until this point, after which we will charge a proportionate annual fee.

Our Annual Fees

Our annual fees will be billed in instalments at regular intervals (usually monthly). We may terminate or suspend our services if payment of fees is unduly delayed.

We price our additional and optional services according to their value, the time spent working on those services, the urgency of the work, and the levels of skill and responsibility involved.

We reserve the right to make additional charges if we are required to re-work the payroll as a result of errors in the information provided or where changes have been requested following the payroll run or preparation of Annual Returns or other forms or submissions.

Tax Disputes

Tax and VAT Law is often indeterminate and differing views of the tax implications of the same transaction may be held by different parties. Where we have made a claim for relief, or reached any other conclusion, or made any decision or given any advice in the course of acting as the client’s agent for tax purposes, and that claim, decision or advice was reasonably made or given having regard to the circumstances and information available at the time and the then prevailing treatment generally understood to be acceptable, we shall not be held liable for any additional tax, interest or penalties or other costs howsoever arising, which become payable as a result of an Inland Revenue enquiry or investigation or any other circumstance where the Revenue or any other party's view is found to prevail or is conceded.